Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stand-Up's a Killer

Yet again, I'm late as usual for Gale Martin's Friday Flash Fiction. But better late than never. I think that Gale (Gem) has a great idea with this Friday Flash Fiction, just wish it was called Monday Manic Manifest then I might be able to get it in on time. Who invented working for a living anyway? It gets in the way of playing with my blog-friends!

This weeks word that must be used in the story was 'Original'. But seeing that not only am I late, I might as well break the rules and be 'original' too. Yes, I used the word, just differently, and it allowed me to play with some potty humor. After all, my imood today is cheeky!

Stand-Up's a Killer

Only you would come up with a line like that” Sabrina said as she looked at Robbie practicing his stand-up routine.

Really, why?” Robbie asked sternly being little put out by her comment. “It’s not just telling jokes you know, people tell jokes, but for comedians it's about stories, timing, misdirecting the audience, and yes, sometimes a little shock value.”

Isn’t it more about being funny? That last bit sure wasn’t”

God Sabrina, what’s wrong with it? ‘Just what I expected dual exhausts,’ isn’t even a vulgar line. You’re usually my best critic, but you’re making it sound like I’m telling Little Johnny Jokes , or worse.”

I’m just saying that the last bit is just toilet trash. Maybe you should put it in a Little Johnny Joke just so people would excuse it for being so incorrect. You will have to include Little Suzy, too, for that line to work. You could piss off the males in the audience as well though. Oh, I forgot, men always find toilet humour funny, especially fart jokes.”

Now come on. Saying that Little Johnny and Little Suzy were sitting in a sandbox playing with their toys, and suddenly Johnny farts and a little poof of sand plumes up behind him. And yada yada yada , Little Suzy lets one go and blows them both out of the sandbox and leaves Little Suzy unconscious just isn’t stand up material.”

And don’t forget that Little Johnny has to get up and look under her dress, or your line looses all of it’s toilet trash glory.”

Little Johnny and Little Suzy eh, mm-m-might be workable. I'll call them Little Franky and Little Lola though, just to be different.”

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