Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dark Destiny

Just got the word. My first attempt at Friday Flash Fiction tied for first!! Yeah us! Yeah Jo Pressimone for her entry "Have Another Cookie" which tied with my entry. Yeah Gem for starting Friday Flash! You can read all of the entries for Friday Flash at I really am excited about this. Until I started this blog, I've really never written anything other than dry work reports, let alone writing any fiction. Wow, I'm just...WOW! So now I get to post it finally, I've had it sitting in draft since submitting it to Gale, and waited nervously for the results to come in. Gale, I think I've caught the writing bug! Another use for a pencil---who'd a thunk.
(I actually do write freehand first, me tpynig stniks. Writing freehand allows me to write at work when I'm not too busy. I use blank termination forms, that way staff leaves me alone too! :-) )

Hope you enjoy:

Dark Destiny

I was a teacher, Chiron, the wisest of the Centaurs. I taught the Gods. I taught Achilles, Jason, and Heracles. And I taught Man. My father, a Titan. My Mother, a Nymph. I was different than the rest. I was immortal. I had the power to heal, and had the power to see. I gave my existence to free Prometheus.

I had my place in the heavens. How I miss Mt Pelion. How I miss Thessaly. How I miss.

For it's darkness now. That is my existence. I no longer light up the heavens. Brought out of my blackened pit only to toil. A new master, for I am the new puppet. Where's the Titans now. Where are the Gods? Do you suffer the new task master as I? Or do you hide in the heavens. When I'm brought out of the pit to work, I feel your connection, I feel your power course through my being. Oh Zeus why do you let us suffer so? Is your lightening only to ease my work? Is that all the power you have left? For I cannot heal myself to ease my pain. I cannot see in the darkness for what is to come. Or are you puppets as well as I, just sharing your strength so we will all endure the darkness and the toil.

Why did I teach Man? I am a seer. I knew they would learn and find their potential. I knew they would outgrow us, no longer have faith and believe in us. But I didn't know that once they’d outgrow us, we would change. I could only see that in which believes in us, all else is darkness. A darkness misunderstood. A darkness that was our destiny. A darkness that was us.

"Okay boys, move your feet, I'm trying to vacuum here."
"Okay mom," said one of the boys as they both got off the couch.
"You too, honey. Move it or you can vacuum the rest."
"No, I'll go do something else. I don't like that vacuum."
"What, my Centaur! It's still got a few good years left in it."
"Maybe! When your done, I'll put it back in the closet."

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